Posted by Tony Parziale on Aug 14, 2019

Dear Fellow Rotarians & friends,

It’s officially a new funnel cake era for the Rotary Club of Montgomery/Rocky Hill.  

In 2018, after many years of dedicated service, Jimmy “Funnel Cakes” Bartolomei has stepped down as the chair of our funnel cakes committee. Funnel cakes have been in Jimmy’s blood for many years. The batter ladle has now been passed to a new generation. The 2019 Funnel Cake season has ushered in the “Reverend Funnel Cakes” era!!

Timeline: Wednesday, August 7th, it was opening day and the stage was set. The fryers were lit; the batter was being prepared; the front counter was shining and just like that, the funnel cakes were selling! 

As the day progressed on, there were storms ahead. Lightning could be seen in the distance and thunder could be heard. Then it happened… The rain came down in buckets, yet strangely, the people still came. It was as if they were divinely guided to our booth. Pouring rain could not deter our commitment to funnel cakes!!

Thursday and Friday provided much better weather. Our booth was bustling with activity and then out of nowhere, an official from the fair came over to pay us a special visit… Did we do something wrong? Was there a problem? What could it be?

It was first prize!! For us!! We won the coveted Fair Manager’s Award. But wait…. There was more. We also won the “Hands Award!!” The Hands Award (for all hands on deck) was judged by our incredible team work. Clearly the 4H staff knows a well-oiled machine when they see one!

Jeff “Reverend Funnel Cakes” Knol, who’s sporting a brand-new mustache, has opened his inaugural season with his own unique, stylistic approach. Several times throughout last week’s 4H fair, Jeff could be seen arching backwards while bringing his open hands to each side of his mouth and broadcasting, “Get Your Funnel Cakes Heeeere!! It sounded as if he were yodeling it out from the top of the Swiss Alps. It was very effective!! In addition to bringing people over to our booth, several of the farm animals who heard the call (no pun intended) were also seen heading in our direction.

Many thanks to “Jimmy Funnel Cakes” for your years of dedicated service and a big congrats to “Reverend Funnel Cakes” for ushering in a new era with two 4H Ribbons!!

Great job everyone!!

Yours in Rotary,
Tony Parziale