Paul Harris Fellow

The highest honor you can receive from The Rotary Club of Montgomery/Rocky Hill is to be recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow. Paul Harris founded the first Rotary Club in Chicago in 1905 and became the first President of Rotary International in 1910.

A Paul Harris Fellow is someone whose actions emulate The Four Way Test. It is someone who puts Service Above Self to our club, our community, and/or Rotary projects around the world.

Each Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate, a Paul Harris Fellow pin and medallion at our annual Installation.

Montgomery/Rocky Hill Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellow Award Recipients

1991   Daniel and Joanna Beresford

1992   Catherine Frank-White, Donald Matthews

1993   Kristina Hadinger, William Hyncik

1994   William Beachell, Jerrold Witsil

1995   Andy Malek, Yumi Shibatani, in memorium

1995   Gerard Walker, Lee Whitney

1996   Art Martin, Herb Forder

1997   Kip Higgins, Mike Dimino

1998   Peter Treichler, John Zanin

1999   Doug Merritt, Peter Croghan

2000   John Hobgood, Keith Wheelock

2001   Don Campbell, Lisa Youngberg

2002   Max Crandall, Bill Megill

2003   Michael Tofano, Anne Marie Weber

2004   Dave Demme, Sondra Moylan

2005   Jim Bartolomei, Mary DeCicco

2006   Bill Beachell2, Dave Demme

2007   Emad Abou-Sabe, Dennis Daggett, Art Martin2, Bill Hyncik2

2008   Eric Hendrickson, Lisa Youngberg2

2009   Kip Higgins2, Bob Milhiser

2010   Jenn Rangnow, Bill Robbins

2011   Dick Ragsdale, Joe Aspray

2012   Kristina Hadinger2, Emad Abou-Sabe2

2013   Cheryl Stites, Josh Turner

2014   George Jarvis, Carolyn Spohn

2015   Louise Wilson, John Walmark

2016   Sharon Prosinski, Cory Wingerter

2017   Jeff Gould, Maria Kauzmann

2018  Tony Parziale, Kevin Lynch

2019  Peter Kauzman, Edward Zimmerman

2020  Lisa Youngberg3 ,  Zoltan Nagy


Bold type indicates charter members / Superscript 2 indicates second award received. / Superscript 3 indicates third award received.

Montgomery/Rocky Hill Rotary Club Rotarians who received Paul Harris Fellow Awards from other Rotary Clubs:

  • Al Vita chartered our club while member of the Belle Meade, NJ Rotary
  • Harry Fenton chartered our club while member of the Belle Meade, NJ Rotary
  • Dennis Daggett, San Jose Westgate, CA
  • Zoltan Nagy, Carroll Creek, MD
  • Josh Turner, Penfield, NY