Become A Member!

Are you interested in getting involved in the Montgomery/Rocky Hill community while, at the same time, working on projects that make a difference around the world?  If so, Rotary might just be for you!

If you haven’t done so, check out the other pages on this website to get a feel for the type of stuff Rotary does.  Here are some answers to some questions you may have:

What Is the Commitment in Joining Rotary?

Great Question.  Probably the most basic commitment is coming to our weekly meetings.  We meet on Thursday mornings from 7:30-9:00AM at Cherry Valley Country Club in Skillman.

In days of yore, it was expected that a Rotarian would attend every weekly meeting and, if they couldn’t make their own club’s meeting for that week, they would attend a “makeup” meeting at another club.  If a Rotarian missed too many meetings, they could potentially be booted out the club. 

Today, the attendance requirement is no longer in effect at the Montgomery/Rocky Hill Rotary Club.  Of course, like with most things in life “you get out what you put in” and you’ll miss out on a lot if you miss too many meetings.  But the point is not too worry if you can’t make every meeting.

In additions to the meetings, a Rotarian is expected to help out during the Club’s major projects such as Run With Rotary, Funnel Cake Sales at the Somerset County 4-H Festival and Flags for Heroes.

What Type of People Join Rotary?

The initial structure of Rotary was that in each club there be only one person in each profession so that there would be a wide cross section of membership and that a club would not be dominated by any one type of profession.  This rule has been relaxed over the years but each club still has guidelines in place so that no one profession dominates.

Rotary is not like some of the business networking events or groups you may have attended previously.  There isn’t a lot of “selling” going on.  Yet, because you get to know people over the long haul that you trust and trust you, Rotarians often find membership to be beneficial to their business and/or careers.

The Montgomery/Rocky Hill Rotary Club cares less about the profession and more about the person.  Even if you currently are between jobs, retired or taking a few years off to raise a family, you are encouraged to check us out.  Anyone with an interest in “service above self” is welcome at our club!!!

What Happens At A Meeting?

The typical meeting starts at 7:30AM with members mingling for 15-20 minutes before sitting down for breakfast.  Each member of the club then has an opportunity to offer up a reason to give a “happy dollar” (sounds a bit hokey but because it’s done every week, you really get to know the other club members). The club president then spends a few minutes on any outstanding club business.  The main part of the meeting is spent on listening to a guest speaker.  Guest speakers can range from heads of local non-profits, experts in topics of interest, local businesses, and even a political figure every so often.  It really is a great way to get to know what’s going on in the community.  The meeting adjourns by 9AM.

How Do I Join?

The first step is to come to a meeting and check it out.   If you know a club member, ask them about their experience in Rotary and have them invite you to a future meeting.  And if you don’t know a current Rotarian, we invite you to just show up to a meeting at no cost to you (and because we are swell people, you’ll get a free breakfast out of it too).

The meetings start at 7:30AM at Cherry Valley Country Club in the Woodacres Building (the main building on the left).  Upon entering the building turn right and head around towards the back of the building.  There will be a check-in desk where you can let them know you are a prospective member.

And please note, there will be absolutely no pressure to join on your first visit.  At most, you will be asked if you want to come back for another meeting.   It normally takes a few visits before a prospective member is nominated for membership.    

How Much Does It Cost?

The current dues are $80 per month (this includes the cost of breakfast at the weekly meeting).